Sunday, May 1, 2011

A day at the Bowers

Today I went to the bowers u know the preachers house at my church. That means I got to watch my behavor. Ouch!!!. But anyways it is fun. What we usaly do when I come to their house we go out in to the woods and find stiks and fight with them. It is very fun. Today when we were in the woods looking for sticks we saw a snake going up a tree. It wasnt big is was a baby I think. but anyways it was awsome. we havnt done that much stuff yet so this is all I got to say.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Ninjas vs. Pirates

Me and my friend have a rivalry. I like ninjas more than pirates and he likes pirates more than ninjas. I think the reason why he likes pirates is because he loves the movie series "Pirates of the Caribbean" allot. The reason I like ninjas is because they are fast, they are spooky and they have awesome weapons. Clearly ninjas are better :) To him its clearly pirates are better :( That is our glorious rivalry Ninjas vs. Pirates.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Haircut Day (DARN IT)

Sadly today i am getting a haircut. I am really mad. One reason that i am mad is because I might get to go to a concert with my friend. The band does a lot of rock songs so me and my friend like to head bang with our hair flying everywhere. So thats that. Another reason I don't want to get it cut is because it is awsome. I love to do the hair flip which my dad hates. My mom suprisingly likes it! One reason she likes it is because she likes to play with it. Today she put it in a pony tail and it felt wierd. It was my fist pony tail ever and it will be the only one. So that is why I said darn it when i heard i was getting a haircut.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Back to Posting

Hey I have not been on my blog lately so I thought i'd get back to posting. Well not much has happened lately. School is going well. I finally get to go to a nascar race with my dad. I am so excited. The coolest thing is that I get to sit in the pits the whole time!!! The way I got to do that is because my dad has a friend that is the jackman for Clint Bowyer number thirty three. If you want to you can probaly watch the race and might be able to see me on tv!! I think its on fox at 7:00 saturday night May 21. Other than that I'm glad im back to posting. Talk to you later or in blog languge comment on you later.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Happy B-Day to Me

I think its a little late to tell about my birthday because it was the 23rd of July but I want to tell about. At our church do something called summer with the arts. My b-day usually during it so I am going to tell what my group leaders did for my present. So at first they started singing and all that then one of my group leaders comes up and wraps a towel around me, I thought they were going to dump water on me but instead they stuck a pie in my face!!! It was a very tasty present. After church was over I had two of my friends come over to spend the night. I great and tasty birthday.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Happy B-Day Sis (Again)

About a week ago my sister had a birthday. I don't know if you saw my last post about my sister's birthday. If you didn't well she had a sleepover. She did the same thing this year. Luckly it was better this year. I got to go to my friends house this year. And then the next morning she had her party at the church. My other friend was at church and came up to join. I myself can't believe that she is nine years old!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Two Christmases

This year for christmas we went to my grandparents. We go to our mountainhouse usaly but this year we went to their house because the mountainhouse was 30 degrees in the house! What I got was a shirt that had the Tree Stooges on it and I also got a romotecontrol camero and then I got a kreoke machine that came with a christmas cd. That was christmas number one. Now lets get to number two. Number two is on christmas day!!! What I got was lots of legos. It was so much that there were probaly more than 3 milloin peices in all!!!!! Then I got a really cool jersey. I got a book and a football. I can't remember anything esle. I will make sure that I tell you about my christmases next year.